Getting Your Party Started

Let’s Get Your Party Off to a Rocking Start!
Step 1: IF you have never used Younique makeup products, then you need to get your hands on the 3D+ Mascara FIRST.  PLUS, I will give you some other sample products to use.  Why? Well if you’re in LOVE with the products, then your friends will fall in love too!
Step 2: Try out the makeup and take some selfies. We will post these in your party group on Facebook. If you LOVE the products, your friends will want to see them on you and read your comments about the products.  p.s. I only use pictures/videos of mostly myself, you the host, and others who I know and have given me their permission and thoughts about the product.
Step 3: You and I will set a Party start date… typically the 1st, 10th, 0r 20th of the month. The party will run for 10 days.
Step 4: I will create a GROUP on Facebook for your online makeup party.

Party Time…

Day of Party Start Date:  Click THIS link and follow the directions to start your party.

Then, You will add your friends; the number of friends you add is up to you.

Next, You will want to post a Welcome Message on your group wall. This is something that I could do for you, BUT your friends are more likely to see and more likely to be responsive to your party invitation if the welcome message is from you.  To make it easy for you, here’s an example that you can copy and paste from (just change the link info to YOUR party link I’ve sent you)

Hi Friends!
I’m super excited to introduce y’all to Younique . . . and especially their amazing 3D+ Fiber Mascara! Seriously, y’all are going to FLIP when you see this stuff.  You definitely don’t want to miss out!   My amazing friend Lindsey will be posting information about the 3D+ lashes, demos, makeup tips and more!!
If you do not want to post a welcome message please let me know.:)
After, you post a welcome message, I will take over most of the posting with about 2-3 posts each day to engage your friends and share more information about the products.  But, I would encourage you to make a few of your own posts during the week.  The way facebook works, your friends are more likely to see YOUR posts than my posts.  Plus, let’s face it – I’m just a sales rep to your friends (I’ve come to terms with it- so it’s okay 😉  But to your friends you are a credible source!!  They care what you say and your opinion.  So, please chime in!!  Talk about (comment on my posts) what YOU like about the products.  It can go a long way:)
Let’s Talk About Your PARTY Rewards: The rewards earned for Younique parties are calculated through a points-based system. The points that any given product will contribute are shown right next to the product’s price.  A “qualified” party means that you’ve had $200 in sales before tax. Being “qualified” also means you’re now starting to earn 1/2 priced products and Y-cash. 
 Party Rewards Beauty By Lindsey Clare


How do I use my Hostess Rewards?
* Once the party closes your rewards will be automatically added to your Younique account.  Simply go to my Younique website shop, and when you check out you’ll be able to apply your rewards.  All hostess rewards are valid for ONE YEAR – isn’t that awesome!
How can I see who has ordered from my lash bash?
* As we get orders, I will thank those customers right on the group page.  You can also see who has ordered by going to the link I’ve provided for you and scrolling all the way down to the bottom.  Once you reach the $200 minimum for the lash bash you’ll definitely be getting a message from me!:)

What if I want to invite people not on Facebook?
* Just let me know and I’ll send you an email you can forward onto any friends that don’t hang out on Facebook… we want their lashes to look awesome too! I also have catalogs you can hand out if you wish.